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Geometry and rigor on the basis of sensibility. About Francisca Blázquez

Even thouhn all different tendencies are much more deeply related than we initially suppossed, we commonly talk about geometry as one of the very basic directions for the arts of our times, as well as one of the best known branches-besides Expressionism and the superreal-which have contributed to configure art.

From within this orientation exists, since the beginning of the century, a very clear objective to reduce ir to almost nothing in the searchings for a ‘genuine’ art that could be painting –or any other medium-; and also proposals which usually include an expressive doses through color, neither limiting this to the use of primary colors and non colors –as the neoplasticits did –and with a treatment instead of major range and sensibility.

I personally think that Francisca Blázquez is keeping the opening of those two possibilities in the whole of her artwork, in a kind of synthesis and progresively she seems inclined to the very first, without losing contact with a human and creative touch.

Francisca Blázquez artwork develops contrasting effects, through the use of complementary colors –red ad green-as well for luminousness. She likes wholeness and intensity. I must say she does not reach –perhaps she does not want to- the absolutely minimal estates in morphology which are easily perceived.

Though some complexities, above all for oblique dinamics to which she adds curves and straigth elements, excel elementality. She escapes equally, with no excess from the simple red-yellow-blue with black and white.

The artist allows diverse alternatives and suggests visual elegance. So it seems to the viewer.

Whom either glimpses or looks for a hidden simbolism.

The personality of the artist gets its proportion in between two attitudes. One which imposses a deep request to the eye, though it knows how to calm it; the other a vitality of movement and the peace of the stable, a tranquil poetry. Like the surface of deep waters, a curve of the Earth from above or a horizon where the sight rests.

Ángel Azpeitia. Former President of The Spanish Association of Art Critics.




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